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Profile-IT is not simply a consultancy or support service. Our customized, full-service solutions are a combination of expertised & innovative solutions depending on each client's unique needs. Throughout our suite of products and services, we leverage innovative technology with deep human experience and intelligence to help our clients improve their IT solutions.

Profile-IT is an independent one stop service provider for all the IT infra needs of a corporate. Endeavouring to excel in the next generation IT solutions, Profile-IT has a variety of highly expertised & innovative services in its pool to meet the client's need.

What separates Profile-IT is a singular focus on the quality deliverable combined with an innovative, global, and disciplined culture.


Ease & Quicker access to the documents with hassle free storage & reduction in physical space are the need of the hour. DIGITIZATION of all your documents is the smartest way to scale up productivity! Numerous advantages & benefits of Digitization can e summed up as follows:

1. Ease Access

The files can be easily accessed, preserved, cloned & shared among colleagues.

2. Security

The digitized documents are more seure than those bulky physical files which are vulnerable to fire, insects, metabilic wear & tear, damage due to rough handeling etc. The documents can further be secured with end user encryption.


The other prime benefit of Digitization is need of no additional physical storage hence reducing the cost & saving time in managing the physical store.


The digitized documents can be updated whenever required, either the meta data or the entire file can be updated.


The files can be indexed & searched within a very short span of time, using the key words & can be integrated with customized softwares.


Harnessing the potential of people within organizations is a key differentiator for sustained growth. We offer technical & skill development training in different functional and cross functional areas of Information Technology.

Our Corporate Training solutions are

- Customized tailoring each client's unique need

- Flexible for all Age Groups

- Cost effective

- Both Onsite & Offsite

- Integrated with practical exposure

- By highly experienced technical team

The distinct feature of our trainning programmes is our eclectic pedagogy that is totally participative and uses Action Learning through Practical Exercises, Simulations, Case Studies etc. Every training workshop we conduct is designed & delivered effectively. This enables the team to increase their self-awareness, get excited about taking action in order to enhance their skills, discover effective ways for putting the above into action on their own.


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