• Server Management
  • Mail Server Management
  • Office Stations
  • Virtual Platform

Server Management

We offer expertised services to the clients in:

Establishing servers

Server Architecture Designing

Implementing Server-Client Model

Hosting Servers with Public IP

Server Room & Network Development

Policy Designing & Implementation

Firewall & Other security solutions

Software / Kernel / Application updation

Server Maintenance

Mail Server Management

A computer dedicated to running mail applications is called a mail server. Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange, qmail, Exim and sendmail are among the more common mail server programs.

Our Mail Server Management Services include:

Establishment of Mail Server in your premises

Configuration of client

Design & implement policies

Local & WWW integration

Cloud Integration

POP, SMTP & IMAP solution

Updation & Maintenance

Work Station Management

Branded PC

Profile-IT has partnered with the leading brands manufacturing the workstations to supply the clients with their needs. We have a wide range of workstations for the clients to opt for.

Assembled Work Stations

Client's opting for assembled PC are also fulfilled by our technical experts. Assembly of PC are cost effective & has advantages like high end customization. You can have quality components tailoring your needs.

Virtual Platform

If your organization is interested in optimizing its workstation requisition and maintenance routine, it should consider adopting a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI is the practice of hosting workstation operating systems and applications on a server.

VDI Benefits

Quick and easy workstation provisioning

Centralized patch management

Standardized security configurations

Secured data

Anywhere access of virtualized workstations

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